Useful information in general and for interacting with the City of Cape Town

Due to the complexity of the City, it is often not easy to find solutions to your problems, even when you have a list of City Contacts available.  The idea is therefore to share information regarding common problems on this website so that people can benefit from other peoples’ experiences.

For contact numbers for the City please refer to the City Contacts Page.

Pruning of tree branches that interfere with overhead electrical wires on your property. 

The City’s Electricity Department does not perform any pruning work on private properties, but they have contractors that can perform this task. 

You can request this service by calling the City Call Centre on 0860 103 089, but please note that it may take some time before the work will be scheduled. 

If the contractor does not contact you within a few days, it may be worthwhile to follow-up with the City.  In case you urgently require the pruning to be done, you may want to make alternative arrangements. 

Once the trees have been pruned, you may also have to contact the City to tighten the overhead wires.  The team that performs this work in our area is normally quite responsive.  The tightening of wires is something that they are able to do from the pole outside of your property, but you will have to assist them by switching the mains off while this work is in progress.

Building Inspector

The local building inspector is Alvino Horn and his cell phone number is 0672258390