We need to reduce waste to landfill and help our environment (and our purses) by recycling.

There are a number of private recycling drop-off points nearby, such as at some schools, shopping centres, charities and, recently, Engen filling stations (partnering with Woolworths) and BP filling stations (partnering with Pick n Pay).

You can find details of the private sites nearest to you using the following link:

Some examples of private sites are:
  • Glenbridge Special School (021 712 2075) – Glass, paper
  • Woolworths Firgrove Way (021 7103611) – Batteries, lighting (fluorescent tubes, lamps etc.)
  • Holy Redeemer Parish (021 712 2210) – Glossy paper, mixed newspaper, office paper, cardboard
  • Bergvliet Primary School (021 715 1103) – Glass, returnable bottles, broken glass, metal waste, aluminium and steel cans. Plastic (HDPE (2), PET (1), LDPE (4)
  • Constantia Village Recycling – Glass, plastic, paper, cardboard

In addition to the recycling drop-off points at Woolworths, Bergvliet Primary and Constantia Village Recycling, there are a number of private recycling companies that will collect recycling from your house. (Please note that the costs below were current in January 2022 and may change.)

  • Koolwaste (072 129 5787)
    Barry Visagie

    No sorting required. Collects on Mondays in the Meadowridge area. Charge R135 /month.
  • PPG Recyclers (061 839 0530)
    Kader Daniels:
    No sorting required. For single bulk loads WhatsApp Kader on Sunday and he collects on Monday in our area at no charge. Collection time varies.
  • EasyRecycling (0843593145)
    No sorting required, currently R120 /month
  • Garden Buddy (08227861555) – also collects garden refuse
    Riaad Modack (0827861555), Ansaar Nodack (0724494376)
    Garden refuse collection (R108.70 /month for 210 litre drum – approx. 6 refuse bags)
    Recycling collection (R125 /month with once-off R50 admin fee).
    Regular collections are on Thursday each week.
    Also collects bulk loads of garden refuse by prior arrangement at R400 per load.