This update was received from Frogfoot on 14 February 2018

Update:  The kick-off meeting was successfully concluded yesterday and the teams will commence with drilling in zone 1.1 and 1.2 on Monday 12 February. Trench dates will be communicated once drilling has been completed.

Deployment process:  Once Frogfoot received the relevant wayleave approvals and permits, our team of contractors will commence with deployment by means of trenching. This entails contractors and their workmen performing shallow excavations along the sidewalk verge and laying fibre and duct in these trenches.

In addition, their teams will place 1 boundary box per 2 Houses, accessed normally from the main street entrance to the home.

Order placement:

Residents can place their with 3 simple steps in the Frogfoot website(

Complete the registration page.

Select your package.

Click on Order Now.

Installation process: Standard 4 to 6 week lead time

Once your order has been placed and your zone is made live, the Frogfoot installations team will make contact to schedule a site survey for the Access Build. During the site survey, they will engage in a discussion with you to agree on the best way to bring the fibre into your home. You will be required to sign off the said survey plan.

On the day of the Access Build, the fibre will be brought in from the buddy box via the said route. A FTB (Fibre Termination Box) will be placed inside of the home and this will be connected to our ONT (Optical Network Terminal) device. This will be configured on site by their contractor.
Upon successful configuration, the ISP will automatically be notified and they will send your router via one of 2 methods: Courier or Hand delivered to you. Their router is then connected to the ONT and they will configure accordingly or you will be provided with self-provision steps.

Frogfoot Street Schedule for fibre installation between 05 and 16 March 2018 as received from Frogfoot on Monday 05 March 2018:

fibre street schedule