bergvliet meadowridge area


Starting at the intersection of Mafeking Road and Main Road, southwards as far as the boundary of Zwaanswyk School and the residential area of Bergvliet, including Dreyersdal Farm up to and along the stream to the Van der Stel Freeway, northwards to Kendal Road, Walloon Road, Abbotsford Road, Weltevreden Road, Old Kendal Road, Boundary Road, then eastwards along Bergvliet Road, over the Main Road along Roscommon Road (middle of road over the bridge), the railway line and southwards to Mafeking Road, both sides of Mafeking Road.

Since then the area of operation has been extended to include Morning Star and The Vines on the northern side of New Kendal Road as well as the section of Heathfield bounded by the Main Road, Roscommon Road, Railway Line and Mafeking Road.